This is a commercial advertisement for Ford. This commercial was released in August 5, 2013 in the United Kingdom entitled ‘Ford Good Reviews.’ It was made by The Mill, Ogilvy and Another Film Company advertising agency.

And the identity of the actors appearing in the commercial is also not known. If, by any chance, there is anyone out there with information about this actors, please comment!

The song which was used in the commercial ad of Ford is “Good Reviews” by the American jazz trumpeter and singer Louis Armstrong And His Band released on 1962. And this song “Good Reviews” is included in his album “The Real Ambassadors”.

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Ford Good Reviews
Ford: Good Reviews Commercial
Song: Good Reviews by Louis Armstrong And His Band
Buy the song on Amazon or iTunes here and buy a album CD at eBay.

This is the lyrics that is used in the commercial ad.
There’s nothing like a good review to start a day out right
It’s just the thing to make a swing and jam into the night
Although reviews can’t faze us
It really does amaze us
When we don’t face rejection in the music section
There’s nothing like a good review to make us want to blow
So affirmation never ration change the con to grow
For every time they praise us
Our ego quickly raises with the views is the news…