This is a commercial advertisement for Gap. This commercial was released in September 13, 2013 in the United States entitled “BacktoBlue – Just The Way You Are.” It was made by Peterson Milla Hooks advertising agency.

The release of this Commercial also features Alexa Ray Joel, an American singer, songwriter and pianist born in 1985. She has her daddy’s eyes. :) If you are interested in knowing more about her, you can find out more information about her in Google image search.

Every once in a while we remember what’s important. What matters. We go Back to Blue. In Gap’s newest TV commercial, Alexa Ray Joel sings her version of father Billy Joel’s classic, “Just the Way You Are.” Alexa makes it her own.

The song which was used in the commercial ad of Gap is “Just the Way You Are” by Alexa Ray Joel released on September 16th 2013. For those of you who like this song “Just the Way You Are”, you can download it from iTunes.

The original version of “Just the Way You Are” is a song that was released on September 1977 for American pianist, singer-songwriter, and composer Billy Joel. Here, you can preview songs and check them on Amazon or iTunes.

Also, there is Behind the Scenes that contains fun behind stories recorded while producing the commercial ad of Gap. Learn more

Gap BacktoBlue Just The Way You Are
Gap: BacktoBlue – Just The Way You Are Commercial
Song: Just The Way You Are by Alexa Ray Joel
Buy the song on iTunes here.

This is the lyrics that is used in the commercial ad.
I took the good times I’ll take the bad times
I’ll take you just the way you are…