IRON MAN 3 Trailer # 2

This is the film that will be released on May 3rd 2013 directed by American actor, screenwriter and film director Shane Black while featuring “Robert Downey, Jr.”, and it is the second trailer of IRON MAN 3, the American superhero film.

The song which was used in the Trailer of IRON MAN 3 is “Basalt” by The Hit House released on March 8th 2013. And this song “Basalt” is included in their album “Re:Action Earth”. For those of you who like this song “Basalt”, you can download it from Itunes.

“The Hit House” is a music and sound design company based in Los Angeles, California. And you can check the first trailer of this movie IRON MAN 3 right here. Learn more

And the song which was used in the first trailer of IRON MAN 3 is “Something to Fight for” by “Joseph Trapanese (Sencit Music)”. Please check the sound tracks of the album IRON MAN 3 in advance in Amazon.

IRON MAN 3 Trailer
Song: Basalt by The Hit House

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