Macy’s American Icons

This is the commercial ad of Macy’s. this commercial was released in June 2013 in United States under the titled of ‘Macy’s American Icons.’ It was made by Icontent advertising agency.

The song which was used in the commercial ad of Macy’s is “Living In America” by American recording artist James Brown released on December 1985. And this song “Living In America” is included in his 1986 album “Gravity”. For those of you who like this song “Living In America”, you can download it from Amazon or Itunes.

And this song “Living In America” was also used in the sound track of the American film Rocky IV that was released on November 27th 1985. Please check the sound tracks of the album Rocky IV in advance in Amazon.

This video is private. Sorry about that.

Macy’s American Icons Commercial
Song: Living In America by James Brown
Buy the song on Amazon here.

This is the lyrics that is used in the commercial ad.
Living in America
Eye to eye station to station
Living in America
Hand to hand across the nation
Living in America
Got to have a celebration…


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