Muller FrütUp

This is the commercial ad of Müller. this commercial was released in May 30th 2013 in United States under the titled of ‘Muller FrütUp.’

And, a lady in this Müller Yogurt Commercial is Kaija Matiss, an American fledgling actress. Anyone interested in learning more about her can find more information through a Google search.

Muller FrütUp, brought to you by Muller Quaker Dairy, is a lowfat yogurt topped with a light and airy layer of fruit mousse. Learn more

The song which was used in the commercial ad of Müller Yogurt is “Let Me Go Out” by Canadian Musician / singer Michael Rault released on October 26th 2010. And this song “Let Me Go Out” is included in his second album “Ma-Me-O”. For those of you who like this song “Let Me Go Out”, you can download it from Itunes CA.

You can enjoy the Youtube in high-definition in the size that fits the entire screen by clicking the Youtube capture images. Meanwhile, on SoundCloud, you can listen to the entire song without even buying anything. Learn more

Muller FrütUp Commercial
Song: Let Me Go Out by Michael Rault
Buy the song on Itunes CA here.

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