Tullamore Dew 3 GUYS PLUS 1

This is a commercial advertisement for Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey. This commercial was released in October 2011 in the Ireland entitled ‘tullamore dew 3 guys plus 1.’ It was made by Opperman Weiss, New York advertising agency.

Best whiskey commercial ever. Tullamore Dew is now the second largest Irish whiskey in the world.

The actor appearing in the commercial is Irish talent Donal McDonald, Eamon Griffin, Jimmy Cullen and Brian McGuinn.

The song which was used in the commercial ad of Tullamore Dew is “Give Me Your Hand” by Wolfe Tones released on 1974. And this song “Give Me Your Hand” is included in their sixth album “Till Ireland a Nation”.

Wolfe Tones is a Irish folk and rebel group. Anyone interested in learning more about THEM can find more information through Google search.

For those of you who like this song “Give Me Your Hand”, you can download it from Amazon or Itunes. And the original of this song is Irish and Scottish traditional music.

Also, there is Behind the Scenes that contains fun behind stories recorded while producing the commercial ad of Tullamore Dew. Learn more

Tullamore Dew 3 GUYS PLUS 1 Commercial
Song: Give Me Your Hand by Wolfe Tones
Buy the song on Amazon here.

But our time will come
And the future will be
Gimme your hand
Just give me your hand
Tabhair dom do lamh
Oh tabhair dom do lamh

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